Dog/Cat Toys!

The Tug of War Toy!!!

   My dog loves to play tug-of-war, and she loves this denim toy! It comes in dark and light denim, and three different sizes, depending on the size of your dog! In this picture, my dog is chewing on a size large toy in dark denim.

The Y-Toy!

A perfect fetch toy! Slides easily on tile and wood floor! Also   great for chewing on! This toy is meant for smaller dogs or cats, but if your dog likes small toys, you are welcome to buy it!

Chew Toy!

Perfect for all kinds of play! Shown is a size medium light denim toy.

The Octopus Toy!

This toy is generally meant for cats, but if your pet would like it, no one’s stopping you. It has long strands for your pet to bat at and play with. The toy is a generally smaller toy, and the sizes for this one are mostly for the length of the strands.